Focus: Inside Ukraine




Around the World – GKPN churches and partners


1st Phase: Emergency Relief

Goal: Enlist local churches, Christian NGOs, and GKPN members in this relief outreach.  Engage in raising financial and human resources to help the organizations involved in the initiative with emergency outreaches in the focus region 

Partners will come together for the establishment of relief resource warehouses in the border areas of all affected regional countries. 

Status: in full development


2a. Phase: Relocation of Refugees 

Goal: Raise 2,000 churches to receive or support 1 family each, providing independent housing, food, health, spiritual assistance, education and jobs for the new family to adjust to the new environment for one full year.

  • This relocation will happen inside Ukraine borders, outside Ukraine immediate borders – Moldova, Slovakia, Hungry, Romania and Poland, and around the world via GKPN local churches.


  1. in its initial steps with 1,200 orphans and their care takers sent to Poland – ESPA Foundation, and 100 to Germany – Gospel Forum Church in Stuttgart. 
  2. 30 regular families must be leaving to Brazil this coming week; 
  3. Three buses of refugee families were already sent to Milan, as a direct work of Pastor Roselen and the Sabaoth Church.
  4. 03 Buses for moving refugees were already bought by one of the GKPN churches. They will be serving to rescue and relocation purposes.
  5. 05 Transitional centers are already in activity inside Ukraine and a fifth is in process of being rented this week.
  6. Conversations are happening with The Baptist Union and the Pentecostal Union of Romania for the relocation of 500 families to be care by 500 local churches in that country. 


3rd. Phase – Reuniting families

Goal: to reunite families as soon as the conditions on the ground in Ukraine allows it.

  • As soon as the conditions allow, families will be reunited. The ones inside Ukraine will be already in the country. This fact will facilitate the return to their original areas.
  • The ones living close to the Ukraine borders, will also be easy to be reunited.
  • The ones under the care of the local churches around the world will be reunited both through repatriation or \, if they decide to stay for good in the host country, we will facilitate the reuniting of the men that had stayed behind with their families in the new countries.

This phase will come into place towards the end of the war, when the men will be able to rejoin their families.


4th Phase: Reconstruction

Goal: To help the families involved in the initiative to regain their stability back in their houses and cities.

  • We will be working to motivate the hosting congregations to:
  1. Take the lead in helping the reconstruction/renovation of he house of the family they are hosting.
  2. In case the families decide to stay in the new country, the host congregation will help the reunited family to legalize their new status, find a job and receive emotional, social, spiritual and psychological assistance in the new adopted environment.

This phase is planned to happen after the war is ended.




General Observations:

  1. GKPN Network and GKPN related  churches recognize the key for the success of this initiative lies. on the NGO and local churches in Ukraine. Therefore, our main effort will be to bring those organizations together, alongside with the local churches already part of the network. We will do our best to help all the individual organizations to increase and progress in all good they are already doing. Their success and growth will be essential to the success of the following phases.

The local/regional welcoming and transitioning warehouse centers and the local congregations related to the GKPN Network will be key to filter and organize the group for the next phase  – Relocation.

  1. Here is where the GKPN Network really adds its contribution to the relief work done by the local partners. We will provide local churches as trustworthy, safe and stable platforms for families filtered by the local partners.

If we are able to partner with church unions, association of churches or denominations in the countries surrounding Ukraine, the GKPN churches can still adopt a family and share support of that family in partnership with local congregations of the participant group. This will generate even a greater relational and ecumenical benefit between local churches in different nations. It will be the Body of Christ in action in a wonderful way.

Individual supporting churches in different countries will have the opportunity of sending their mission teams or church leadership to visit the sister church and supported families throughout the year.

  1. GKPN Network will work to raise the funds for the relocation of families – airline tickets, train or buses from Ukraine to where they are going to be living during this time.
  2. Local receiving congregations will assume the privilege and responsibility of providing decent independent housing, food, clothing, school for the children , language learning for the adults, local means of transportation and a church community for emotional/spiritual/social support for the newcomers.
  3. The arrival of the new families will bless the receiving congregations tremendously. Congregants and the population at large will have a practical demonstration of the love of Christ and the love of Christians to one another. 

Christians living their comfortable lives will have the opportunity of experiencing Galatians 6:2 in fullness: “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”


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