Who We Are

The Center for Studies in Global Christianity, Inc. is a nonprofit organization researching the development of Christianity in a global scale and facilitating dialogue and common Christian initiatives around the world.

Through the Center for Studies in Global Christianity, Inc services and programs, Christian men, women and organizations are empowered to reach their fullest potential and mentor the next generation of leaders.


Elias Dantas

Founder of Global Kingdom Partnerships Network - GKPN

Antonio Reis

Treasurer – President of Estate Developments, Port Chester, NY

Loryann Lowery-Biggers

Chief Executive Officer of Bella Vaughn, Inc – Forth Worth, TX

Keith Biggers

Chief Executive Officer of Candor Health Care, Inc, Forth Worth, TX

Clair Fung

President, HSF Property Management, Inc, Los Angeles, CA

Lord Robert Edmiston

President of the Board of IM Group of Companies, UK

Lady Tracie Edmiston

CEO, Christian Vision International, UK

Dr. Kevin Grove

Associate Senior Pastor, Gateway Church, Forth Worth, TX

Dan Daniels

CEO, Daniels Health, Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Peter Tanchi

Senior Pastor of CCF, Manila, Phillipines

Dr. Sameh Maurice

Senior Pastor of Kasr El Dobara, Cairo, Egypt

Dr. Pascoal Piragine Jr.

Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Curitiba, Brazil

Dr. Daniel Ho

Senior Pastor, DUMC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mrs. Marilyn Young

Co-Owner, Hinson Metal Finishing, Laguna Beach, CA

Amelia Dantas

Clerk of the Board

Tan Oi Hian Lee

Chairman do Batu Kawan Group of Companies, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Wayne Poffenroth

President - CLT Alternatives, Alberta, Canada

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