The Center for Studies in Global Christianity exists for the purposes of: 


Facilitating and coordinating studies about the Christian religion around the world; 


Providing an ecumenical environment where Christian practitioners from all traditions and backgrounds can dialogue and plan common initiatives for the advancement of God’s Kingdom; 


Sponsoring and coordinating regional and national events and forums for the purpose of fostering dialogue, relationships, sharing and leadership development of successful and innovative ideas and practices.

Vision And Strategy

In order to fulfill its vision, the Center is, in practical ways, a decentralized initiative, a global-local center, for research, consultations and initiatives being developed all over the world. 


The Center for Studies in Global Christianity, Inc., functions much more as one locus for the matrix of organizations and Christian initiatives, than as a geographically-located organization. Its central function is found in sharing its vision and expertise with key individuals and organizations, bringing people and organizations together regionally and locally for its declared purposes and focuses, coordinating and facilitating research, consultations, interactions, and Christian missionary and ministerial initiatives all over the world.


In this sense, all the activities of the Center for Studies in Global Christianity, Inc, promote common partnership initiatives in its basic character and nature. The Center always tries to work with others in pursuing its purposes.

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