Dear brothers and sisters.

Glad we’ll be together again after such a long time.

The challenges are many, the restrictions still exist, but we are trying our best to have the best conference so far.

Let’s test a new format. It will be a mix of face-to-face and live via the internet. I think it will be wonderful.

We invited two more colleagues to join us. You will not be disappointed.

With us will be Pastor Sergio Hornung, from Lima Peru, and Pastor Jonathan Stockstill from Baton Rouge.

Read what DayStar Television says about the two:

Sergio Hornung is the senior Pastor of Iglesia Agua Viva (Living Water Church). The church has experienced a rapid growth in recent years, reaching a membership of more than 40 thousand members and with an important presence in Lima and Peru’s main cities.
Pastor Sergio is passionate about raising up a new generation of people that seeks and serves God with all their heart. He and his wife Carla have had the opportunity to travel through all 5 continents preaching in countries like the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Ukraine, England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and South Africa, to name a few. Presently Pastor Sergio and his wife have 4 children and live in Lima, Peru.

Raised in a legacy family, Jonathan Stockstill was born with ministry in his blood. From an early age, it was apparent that Jonathan had a tremendous gift for music. He won several state championships in piano before going on to master several other instruments and become an internationally recognized worship artist. By the age of 30, he had recorded more than 10 albums and personally written over 100 songs.
At the age of 30, Jonathan transitioned from worship pastor to lead pastor of Bethany Church, following in the footsteps of his father, Larry Stockstill, and his grandfather, Roy Stockstill. During the last five years, he has taken the church to new heights in both growth and influence. Jonathan has an exciting vision for the future of Bethany. With statewide campuses and Bethany church plants around the world, the next chapter is going to be very exciting.
Jonathan married the love of his life, Angie, in 2005. At heart, Jonathan is a creative leader. His leadership style define the best of the new generation of church leaders in North America.

The two friends above will be with us in Stamford! What a privilege we will have!

Besides them, we will have our dear Paulo Mazoni, Luciano Subirá and Hernandes Dias Lopes talking to us, live, for an hour each.

As an extra, we invited Abe Huber, Carlito Paes and Jeremias Pereira to join us in a panel on the panorama of the church after Covid, from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm on Friday.

It will be wonderful. Praise is always one of the highlights of Encouragement, and this year will be no different. Juliano socio and Victor Chicri, along with the wonderful musicians who bless us every year, will be leading us in adoration.

A word of warning: All 680 registrants must bring their Covid vaccination cards OR a Covid test done within 48 hours of the meeting start. This is Connecticut’s law for large agglomerations. No one may enter the meeting room without providing proof that they have been vaccinated or covid free. I hope everyone understands and supports it.

If you haven’t purchased the breakfast plan yet, we still have some passwords. Contact us if you want to purchase the plan.



The Hotel opens for check in at 2 pm.

Registration check tables will be open from 3 pm onwards.

Exhibition tables open as soon as they are ready.

5:30 pm – 6:00 pm – Praise and Adoration

6:00-6:50PM – First Session with Pastor Luciano Subirá

6:50 pm – 7:15 pm – Break

7:15 pm – 7:45 pm – Praise and Adoration

7:45 – 8:45PM – Second Session with Pastor Sergio Hornung



9:00 – 9:20 AM – Praise

9:20-10:20 PM – Third Session with Pastor Hernandes Dias Lopes

10:20 – 10:50 – Break

10:50 – 11:10 – Praise

11:10 0 12:10 – Fourth Session with Pastor Jonathan Stockstill

12:10 – 2:00 pm – Break for Lunch

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm – Panel on Post-Pandemic Christianity: Guests: Carlito Paes, Jeremias Pereira, Abe Huber

3:30 pm – 4:00 pm – Break

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm – Workhops: Manoel Oliveira, Saulo dos Santos, Sergio Elias and Samuel Rozolem will address issues relevant to the ministry of the church in the North American context

5:00 – 7:00 – Free

7:00pm-7:20pm – Praise

7:20 pm 8:10 pm – Session Five with Pastor Paulo Mazoni

8:10-91:10 – Session Six with Pastor Sergio Hornung



9:00 – 9:30 – Praise

9:30 – 10:30 – Seventh Session with Pastor Jonathan Stockstill

10:30 am – 11:00 am – Break

11:00 – 11:20 – Praise

11:20 am – 12:10 pm – Conclusion of the Conference with Pastor Hernandes Dias Lopes.

Any questions? Contact us!